“Enter Parameter Value” dialog box unexpectedly appears

Environment: MS Access 2003 – VBA

For you who have problem with “Enter Parameter Value” dialog box in Access and end up in this page and you’ve done all steps in that page but still have that dialog popping up, this might be the case:


  • You have a query bound to a form/report
  • On form/report open, there is an unexpected dialog “Enter Parameter Value” with a field to fill in the specified parameter


  • Make sure whether that parameter exist in your query or not
  • Check the parameter type, if it is a text data type then you have to use “like” in where statement instead of “=”

It’s simply like that, I don’t have any idea why this is happening :p


Date Picker fail to update unbound custom formatted text box value

Environment: MS Access 2007 – VBA

Finally in MS Access 2007, you won’t waste your time to build your own calendar to create a date picker. It’s already there, you just need to set several properties of a text box to create a date picker text field.

But, I’ve found a problem while using a custom date format..


  • A field with Date/Time data type in a table that is assigned to an unbound text box in a form.
  • Set the [Show Date Picker] Property into [For dates]
  • Set custom [Format] Property, e.g: “dd-mmm-yyyy hh:nn AM/PM” instead of [General Date], [Long Date],…
  • You’ll find out that changing the value by selecting date picker is FAIL. The only way to change it, is by remove the existing date in that text box, it’s a weird behavior.


  • Set [On Enter] event of that text box to change the Format into Access known date format, e.g. “dd/mm/yyyy hh:nn:ss AM/PM”, “dd/mm/yyyy”, etc.
  • Set [On Exit] event of that text box to change it back into your preferred Format which is e.g. “dd-mmm-yyyy hh:nn AM/PM”

This problem only happened if you set custom format for that text box. This might be because the Date Picker will only return value if the text box’s Format is an Access “known” date format.. 😀

Caching on XmlDataSource

Environment: ASP.NET (Framework 2.0)

For you who will use XmlDataSource as a datasource for data-bound web control , here’s the tips, so you won’t waste your time for such trivial problem (just like me T_T) which is caching:

  • Just remember that this DataSource control enable caching as its default value, since performance related purpose. But Continue reading